Measures and reliefs with the best tools 

We perform measurements and measurements with precision tools such as 3D laser scanner, laser tracker and the measuring arm FARO

Laser scanner for fast, accurate measurements in interior and exterior in three dimensions

The LASER SCANNER can scan large and distant objects and up to 130 meters away and in direct sunlight. With its integrated GPS receiver, the laser scanner is able to correlate individual scans in post - processing with the maps already on the market.


As-built reliefs using 3D laser scanning technology, provide users with detailed point clouds which enable 3D modelling for different tasks including building reconstruction, plant layout and enhanced data presentation with augmented reality.

3D reliefs in the external environment fast, accurate and Mobile Computing.


Common applications of 3D laser scanner

We can scan large objects and up to 330 meters away, in direct sunlight conditions. With its integrated GPS receiver, the laser scanner is capable of correlating individual scans in post-processing.


The as-built reliefs which make use of laser scanner technology generate detailed point clouds that enable the 3D modeling for different purposes such as, for example, the reconstruction of buildings, the configuration of systems and advanced data presentation in a more realistic way. With rapid scanning times of buildings and environments, the 3D laser scanner is able to provide CAD models for various sectors. The architectural design, civil engineering, construction, facility management and the protection of cultural heritage derive immense benefits from 3D solutions.


The 3D Laser Scanner is able to provide detailed 3D models to accurately document entire structures and related resources, such as electrical components, machinery and pipes. The scan data are used for the management of buildings, the detection of inconsistencies in the case of retrofits, the as-built documentation for CAD modeling and other plant design activities, as well as the planimetric and volumetric verification with respect to cadastral data.


Already from the first post-processing you can perform direct measurements on scanned objects. In addition to the generic measurement between two points, it may be noted, for example, the inclination between the wall and floor or between two generic floors, having a direct and realistic control on the measured objects.

dimensional check


Another particular application of the laser scanning that we are able to offer is the volumetric detection both of excavations that of carryover of more or less coarse and varied materials such as, for example, sand, gravel, wood and steel processing chips, etc. . The accuracy of the data obtained is almost absolute and is accompanied by a three dimensional view of the detected area.


Through highly accurate and reliable tool, Laser Tracker, we carry out metrological surveys and audits of geometric specifications ensuring the customer the conformity of its products. The possibility to perform centesimal measurements, together with the precise comparison with the 3D model of what is being analyzed, the speed in making alignments of machines and the integration with other tools such as laser scanner or structured light scanner, make this tool a valid and reliable device for surveys in various fields, ensuring quick times in the execution of on site jobs.


The laser scanner technology is emerging more and more as the most powerful in absolute method for the detection of complex architectures, especially in the field of cultural heritage. The laser scanner survey, in addition to the high precision, ensures the creation of a database where they can be stored in the time information about each object, detail, or property detected portion to which it is also possible to draw a distance dimolto time with certainty reliability. This technology allows you to extract and process 2D and 3D boards, essential for the design of restructuring and / or new construction but, unlike conventional designs, quality and has much greater potential. The accuracy of the 3D survey allow highly accurate on details such as furniture, paintings, details of floors and walls, plants, etc.


The possibility of making internal and external scans of a building allows to have, in post-processing, an overview of detailed and realistic set of the state of the scanned object. The ability to generate orthophotos according to any plan or even the whole scanning, adds to the wide range of 3D laser scanner applications.

Protostudi Laser Scanner Faro